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HVAC Install, Service, and Maintenance

Delivering the highest quality of preventative HVAC service and maintenance whilst reducing the odds of costly breakdowns.

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Prevent equipment failure with planned HVAC Installation, service and maintenance

Getting the temperature right in a commercial building can be a constant battle. Air Options understand this and offer a range of HVAC services to help you find, and maintain a comfortable environment.

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HVAC systems give you the best of both worlds; an energy efficient air conditioning system to keep staff cool during the summer months, combined with powerful heating systems to keep you all warm throughout winter. The design of your system is key to ensure the temperature can be easily regulated throughout the building with maximum efficiency. The ventilation aspect HVAC also aids in staff productivity, ensuring you have a constant supply of cleaned, fresh air.

MSK Air Duct Industries specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of complex HVAC installations in workplaces throughout India. Our location also allows us to quickly and effectively help businesses across the South India. We have extensive experience and fully trained / qualified members of staff to deal with your project from concept to completion.


We have extensive experience in HVAC system installation and project management across Tamilnadu and southern parth of India. We specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial air conditioning systems and Heat Pump, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

We also have now established a good customer base across Tamilnadu, Kerala, Hyderabad, and Andhara Pradesh and are positioned well to provide our services to the whole of the South India.


MSK Air Duct Industries provides 24-hour 365 days per year reactive callout cover to our customers HVAC installations.

We aim to carry out a first-time fix where equipment has failed but if this is not possible then we try our best to get the required components delivered as soon as possible.

We then schedule our engineer to return, fit the components in order to get the equipment back in working order. 

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HVAC Service and Maintenance Key Benefits

Have complete peace of mind with the highest quality of preventative maintenance.

24 hour emergency call out service
24/7 365 days cover
Bespoke packages to suit your requirements
Safety compliance
Facilities support
Maintenance agreement

Get peace of mind with professional Ductwork Cleaning at

MSK Air Duct Industries

Call for a FREE quote

Please call us or email for further advice and a free quote.

Our Services

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Air Conditioning

Complete turnkey service including design, installation and maintenance for all forms of air conditioning.

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AHU Upgrades

Save up to 70% on your energy bill with a professional AHU upgrade.

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Service and Maintenance

Avoid costly breakdowns by preserving equipment reliability with our service and maintenance packages.

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Kitchen Hood and Exhaust

Installing a ducted range hood is a little bit more involved. We know the Do's and Don'ts of Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Fan Installation

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Thermal Insulation

Avoid condensation and reduce damage to surrounding areas such as carpet or other furnishing through our expert level of Thermal insulation in air conditioning system

Chiller Installations

For all your cooling needs, whether it be industrial packaged chillers or entire cooling installations.

Duct Cleaning

We are the premier provider of duct cleaning. Our professional technicians perform thorough cleaning, eliminating contaminants, like dust, mold and bacteria.

Materials and Spares

Specialised distributor of Air Conditioning & Insulation products. MSK supplies Air Conditioning products throughout Tamilnadu. Great Personalised service, Competitive prices, and Expert technical advice.

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