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AHU Installation and Fan Upgrades

Delivering cost effective ways of reducing your businesses energy consumption

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Specialists in AHU Installation and Upgrades

Delivering cost effective ways of reducing your businesses energy consumption

All businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their energy consumption whether it be because of rising energy costs or the need to reduce carbon emissions; therefore, it is important that we look for the simplest and most cost effective ways of reducing a buildings energy consumption.

The simplest way to reduce the energy consumption in buildings is to ensure that all Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning equipment is fitted with the highest efficiency EC fans. With HVAC equipment accounting for more than 40% of a commercial buildings energy consumption, making it more energy efficient can offer considerable energy and CO2 savings.

Whilst many new facilities built in the India already incorporate EC fans in their HVAC equipment, it is the case that older buildings continue to use inefficient equipment, and rather than spending capital on buying brand new equipment, often a more cost effective option is to upgrade the fans in existing equipment to new high efficiency EC fans. Speak to us about your current AHU Installation and we will evaluate if you require an upgrade.

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MSK Air Duct Industries has a vast experience with FanGrid upgrades AHU equipment. In facilities operating 24/7 we replace old belt drive fans with energy efficient direct drive EC fans, creating redundancy and substantial energy savings. These upgrades grant our customers a very short ROI, often at 2 years or less.

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AHU Installation & Fan Upgrades Key Benefits

Up to 70% reduction in energy consumption
Reduced maintenance cost for the AHU’s
Integrated, infinitely variable speed control
Better controllability and reduced noise level
Payback periods as low as 2 years
Flexible installation solution

Get peace of mind with professional Ductwork Cleaning at

MSK Air Duct Industries

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Please call us or email for further advice and a free quote.

Our Services

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Air Conditioning

Complete turnkey service including design, installation and maintenance for all forms of air conditioning.

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AHU Upgrades

Save up to 70% on your energy bill with a professional AHU upgrade.

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Service and Maintenance

Avoid costly breakdowns by preserving equipment reliability with our service and maintenance packages.

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Kitchen Hood and Exhaust

Installing a ducted range hood is a little bit more involved. We know the Do's and Don'ts of Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Fan Installation

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Thermal Insulation

Avoid condensation and reduce damage to surrounding areas such as carpet or other furnishing through our expert level of Thermal insulation in air conditioning system

Chiller Installations

For all your cooling needs, whether it be industrial packaged chillers or entire cooling installations.

Duct Cleaning

We are the premier provider of duct cleaning. Our professional technicians perform thorough cleaning, eliminating contaminants, like dust, mold and bacteria.

Materials and Spares

Specialised distributor of Air Conditioning & Insulation products. MSK supplies Air Conditioning products throughout Tamilnadu. Great Personalised service, Competitive prices, and Expert technical advice.

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